GPen Elite II Is a Gem Among Generics

GPen Elite II Is a Gem Among Generics


If you care about the best and most precise methods of cannabis consumption that benefit your health, then you are going to love the GPen Elite II as much as I do. This high-tech, easy-to-operate dry herb vaporizer is the culmination of years of research and responding to user reviews. If you have some coin to spend, the GPen Elite II is worth every penny. It will likely be the last vaporizer you ever need to buy — let me tell you why. 


GPen Elite II Review

Easy to Start Up and Access

It was super easy to set up the GPen Elite II. After I charged it with the USB charger in one of the available slots in my PC I looked at the Quick Start Guide and that’s all I needed to get the device  up and running in a few easy clicks. I set the temp to 392℉, packed in a little flower and puffed. I love that it’s pull-activated so you don’t have to worry about pressing a button to get the vapor — a feature I particularly enjoy just for the ease of consumption.


Sleek Design and Useful, Thoughtful Features

The sleek and discreet design is my favorite. It’s on the thicker side but not to the point of being bulky or unwieldy. The magnetic ceramic zirconia mouthpiece gives a satisfying click when snapped into place and its black color helps it avoid excessive attention when consuming. It comes with an optional silicone case at no additional cost that also helps to keep tabs on that removable lid in a small sling.

I also really liked that it came with a built-in pick tool. Vapes I’ve had in the past have come with pick tools but they are always the first thing to be lost. Since this pick tool is attached to the vape it makes it easier to hold on to. The hemp carrying case was also a cool touch. Finally, I really liked that you can register your device and benefit from a free one-year warranty just in case anything goes wrong.


High Tech as Heck

The features on this device that contribute to that perfect puff include:

  • Convection and Conduction Dual-Heating System 
  • Full Ceramic Heating Chamber (Up to 0.5G Capacity) 
  • Temperature Control Between 200°F – 430°F 
  • Updatable Firmware For Future Release via WIFI 
  • Full-Color High-Resolution TFT Display 
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery 
  • Haptic Feedback 
  • USB-C Fast Charging

Optimize temperature control to your exact preference. A long battery life and easy recharge also means this vape is coming on your next adventure with you.

This is easily the coolest and cleanest dry herb vaping experience that I’ve had. I’d all but given up on dry herb vapes honestly because they become such a hassle to clean or it’s hard to set the temperature, or they don’t hold their charge for long — but the GPen Elite II truly made me reconsider everything I thought about dry herb vapes. 

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