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420 Vape Bundles for Every Need – Cloudious9 Has You Covered


You are a discerning grown-up with decisive taste. You stay hydrated, you have a favorite stove burner, you take a multivitamin, and you have the grocery store aisles memorized. This 4/20, let your cannabis consumption gear join your level of elegant, adult sophistication. You will love these Cloudious9 bundles that use the latest technology to give you everything you need for a refined cannabis experience.

The Combo9 Bundle (Atomic9 Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer & Tectonic9 Grinder)

The Combo9 Bundle includes the Atomic9 and Tectonic9

For Puffing On the Fly

The Cloudious9 Combo9 Bundle has everything you need to bring your weed to go. If you are looking for an easy-to-use portable dry herb vaporizer and the best grinder you will ever buy, the Combo9 with the Atomic9 Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer and Tectonic9 Grinder is what you need.

The sleek and stylish Atomic9 dry herb vaporizer brings portability to a new level. Dual-layer heating technology combines vapor consistency of convection with space and energy efficiency of conduction for the perfect puff every time. With six temperature settings, a ceramic heating chamber, rapid vapor cooling mouthpiece, and herb-loading shovel, you have everything you need right in your pocket.

The Tectonic9 grinder combines the reliability of a traditional grinder with the clean convenience of automatic dispensing. A viewing window with an LED light lets you see your perfect fluffy grind every time. A built-in vibration motor and slideable dispensing gate make this the last grinder you’ll need.


Hydrology9 Bundle

The Hydrology9 Bundle includes the Hydrology9 vaporizer and a leather carrying case

The Best Water-Filtered Vaporizer

High-tech touches and a futuristic feel — the Hydrology9 is the elegant water-filled vaporizer that lets you leave disastrous bong water spills in the past.

The Hydrology9 is a dry herb vaporizer with an advanced water filtration system that creates a smooth flavor. The semi-portable and leak-proof design receive rave reviews, and people just can’t stop talking about it. Even heat distribution, five temperature settings, and a ceramic heating chamber create a precisely perfect hit every time. The Hydrology9 bundle includes an AC adapter and charging cable, user manual, cleaning kit, and the Official Hydrology9 Black Leather Carrying Case with a sleek, futuristic feel. 


Everything You Need in a Mega9 Bundle

The Mega9 Bundle includes the Hydrology9, a Hydrology9 Leather Case, the Atomic9, and the Tectonic9

Water-Filtered Vaporizer, Carrying Case, Portable Herb Vaporizer, and Grinder

This is the bundle for dry herb vapers who do not wish to choose or settle. Portability, water-filtered, a case, and even a grinder — the Mega9 bundle has you covered.

The pocket portability of Atomic9 dry herb vaporizer gives you the sleek convenience of a discreet, clean way to consume. When you want more of a session, the Hydrology9 water-filtered dry herb vaporizer will set your new standard for quality and class, and this bundle includes the official carrying case. With the Tectonic9 grinder, this comprehensive bundle gives you a clean, cool replacement for all your gear.

NX Ultra9 Bundle With the Hydrology9 NX Water-Filtered Vaporizer

The NX ULTRA9 Bundle includes the Hydrology9 NX with Flower and Concentrate heating chambers, Official Hydrology9 NX Leather Case, Atomic9 and Tectonic9

Flower AND Concentrate? You Don’t Have to Choose!

If you love flower and concentrates, with the ultimate NX Ultra9 Bundle you don’t have to choose. The Hydrology9 NX flower and concentrate vaporizer has two interchangeable chambers: one is a hybrid convection heating chamber for flower and one is an atomizer for concentrate. With the Official Hydrology9 NX Leather Case, Atomic9 portable dry herb vaporizer, and Tectonic9 grinder, you will have the complete toolset for every situation.


Final Thoughts

You work hard, and you deserve a smooth, sophisticated experience this 4/20. There is no better time to celebrate in style and get a classy gear upgrade at an affordable price with a new Cloudious9 bundle.

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