Iridescent Psychedelic Bong by Sand Spirit Glass

The Best Water Pipes & Accessories of 2021


The Best Water Pipes & Accessories of 2021

Bloody Good Vape and Smoke know our fair share about which smoking hot products are on your mind when you visit our shops in Jersey. With fall on the horizon, we decided to bring you the best of 2021, serving up water pipes and accessories that should be on your radar. Water pipes give you a classic feel when you’re smoking herbs, regardless of if you’re using a classic glass piece or you’re indulging in futuristic technology. Glass pipes and accessories are designed with an intention — to be innovative in multifaceted ways, whether as an art form or as technological advancement. 

Peek through our list of which water pipes and accessories you should know about, then head over to our featured items page to learn about some other companies we support to contact them for more information about any of their products. 

Best Bongs & Water Pipes 2021 

Fat Buddha – Cyclops Beaker Bong

First up, we have Fat Buddha’s Cyclops Beaker Bong. This badass glass pipe sits at 12” high, rounded out with a 14mm standard bowl down stem. Don’t be “caught” off guard by this  eyecatching design; the Cyclops is ready to handle your worst. This monster of a bong comes equipped with an ice catcher to bring a true cyclops feel, but also because something needs to help cool this fiery beast to allow you to enjoy the smoke adventure of a lifetime. Grab your Cyclops Beaker Bong at Fat Buddha


Fat Buddha – Black Octopus Glass Bong

Manifest the intelligence of an octopus, while sucking up that sweet herbal smoke with another classic from Fat Buddha. Though much smaller than an octopus, standing at 14”, this friendly fella will have you inspired, ready to share the night with your best friends. We love the black octopus glass bong for its versatility, acting as a great centerpiece even after your sesh. You can purchase one of these cute pieces by clicking here


Cloudious9 – Hydrology9 NX Flower & Concentrate Vaporizer

If you’re about being on the cutting edge of water pipe technology, Cloudious9’s Hydrology9 NX Flower & Concentrate Vaporizer duo could be the perfect choice for you. With this updated piece of tech, you can hit smooth herbs, while also being able to dive into warm bubbly concentrate. This option allows you to relax and recharge, anywhere. Thanks to the Hydrology9 NX compact size, this water pipe can be taken to go. Fully immerse yourself in the future, and find your Hydrology9 NX here


Sand Spirit Glass – Iridescent Psychedelic Bong


Are you into the smooth groove of the ‘70s or looking for a bong that speaks for itself? Get back to your herbal roots with this funky, iridescent water pipe by Sand Spirit Glass. This sleek water pipe is perfect for any psychedelic lover or anyone who just loves to spend time looking into stunning, colorful pieces. Dazzle your guests with this eccentric piece, and buy your next collection item from Sand Spirit Glass by visiting here


Illadelph – Geometric Glass Bong

When it comes to selecting a fantastic glass bong, opt for one with a simple, yet sick design. Straight outta Philly, grab a blazing hot water pipe from Illadelph. This geometric bong comes fully equipped with an edge to prove it. Its beautiful swirling design will have you spinning in the best possible way. Sink into this glossy water pipe and draw out smooth hits with a calming glass-blown flare to match. Visit Illadelph to learn more about their stunning glass pipe collections


Fat Buddha – Glow in the Dark Flower Bong 

Have you been wanting your glass bong to be ready to hold a bouquet just in case? The Fat Buddha Glow in the Dark Flower Bong is the star of the show day and night thanks to its ability to shine no matter what the lighting situation happens to be. This stunning 17” piece comes equipped with an ice catcher and splash guard. What’s more, this number can be turned into a vase when necessary to flaunt all of its natural beauty. Catch your friends by surprise with this glowing water pipe, and buy yours here at Fat Buddha Glass

Best Water Pipe Accessories 

Ongrok – Aluminium Smell Proof Storage Puck

Have you been looking for some smell-proof storage for your smaller herbal products? The Ongrok storage puck made its way to its rightful place on the best water pipe accessories because of its ability to stealthily keep storage in tow, regardless of location. With its airtight double rubber lining, scents don’t escape keeping your products nice and fresh. Find a handy smell-proof storage puck for yourself at Ongrok’s website


Ongrok – 4 Piece EZ Open Herb Grinder

If you’ve been working on priming your image, step your game up with a premium herb grinder by Ongrok. These gleaming herb grinders operate at a premium, finely grinding your herbs to provide the best consumption possible. These gorgeous grinders open easily for effortless use, allowing you to have a simply delightful experience with your water pipe and enjoy every moment for the best consumption possible. Buy the EZ Open Herb Grinder by Ongrok in pink, black or gold for your next herbal delight by clicking here


The Bureau – Child Resistant Jars

We’re coming down to the end of the list, but before we wrap up we want to make sure you don’t sleep on a good child-resistant jar. Storage is essential to make sure your herbs stay out of the wrong hands, fresh and sealed. Do your storage in style with The Bureau’s choice Child Resistant jars. The Bureau works with companies to provide safe and secure storage for unique wholesale packaging needs; they also offer a wide range of shapes and sizes to keep herbs stored depending on your needs. Learn more about child-resistant jars and other packaging by visiting The Bureau. 


Dip Devices – EVRI Nectar Collector Attachment

Looking for a futuristic piece that’s more than meets the eye? The Nectar Collector Attachment holds the EVRI to its role as a device evolving alongside consumption. With the EVRI already operating as a multifunctional electric dab straw and vaporizer, the Nectar Collector Attachment takes it to the next level, creating a spill-proof water-cooled atmosphere to enhance concentrate experiences everywhere. It’s perfect for every kind of cannabinoid extract. Take your vaping experience to go with the Nectar Collector Attachment; you can find yours here

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