The Top Three 4/20 Vapes in 2022

The Top Three 4/20 Vapes in 2022


It’s time to prep for 4/20, cannabis vapers. Whether you’re trying to make the decision to move away from smoking for health purposes or just have always been a fan of vaping, a good vape is essential to any cannabis consumer. It can be difficult to sift through a saturated market and know which products are quality and which ones are all hype. 

At BloodyGood, we did the research for you and tested out three different vapes that are worth the money. There’s something for everyone in these three devices, whether you’re looking for a more affordable option, a multipurpose product, or are hoping to make a difference with your dollar. All three of these vapes have top-tier technology and make the perfect gift for that vape god or goddess in your life. 


The Multi-Use Option: EVRI 3-in-1 Dab and Vape Device

Dip Devices EVRI 3-in-1 Dab and Vape Device

Dip Device’s EVRI 3-in-1 Dab and Vape Device is a unique multi-functional consumption solution. If you or someone you know gravitates toward both flower and concentrates then this is the perfect 4/20 gift option. You can get all of your consumption done with one device that has been specifically engineered and designed to allow for a wide variety of materials. 

Give the gift of a multi-functional consumption tool to that minimalist in your life who doesn’t like to have several devices, but would rather keep it simple with one multi-purpose device. You’ll also be using your hard-earned money for a good cause if you purchase the red EVRI 3-in-1 Dab and Vape device 1% of sales is donated to Blood Donation.


The Economical Option: Cloudious9’s Atomic9 Vaporizer

Cloudious9 Atomic9 Vaporizer

If you’re looking for a quality product but aren’t trying to break the bank, Cloudious9’s Atomic9 Vaporizer is the most cost-effective convection heating vaporizer currently on the market. The revolutionary dual-layer heating technology combines the vapor consistency of convection heating with the space and energy efficiency of conduction heating. 

Just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean it skimps on quality. This device is conveniently small and discreet, making it perfect for travel. It’s both easy to use and clean and is a prime option for any cannabis consumer in your life. Treat them this 4/20 with everyone’s favorite portable vape

Seeking the dry herb vape to rule them all this 4/20? Be sure to check out our review of the GPen Elite II.


The Socially Conscious Choice: Dip Devices’ Lunar Vaporizer

Dip Devices Lunar Vaporizer

Dip Devices’ Lunar vaporizer combines Dip Devices’ patented airflow technology with the convenience of a pack-and-go concentrate vaporizer. You won’t have to worry about wasting any concentrate since the heating ensures the most efficient use of your product. Additionally, the technology improves flavor so your 4/20 dabs are as delicious as you’ve ever had them. 

If activism is important to you and how you exercise your purchasing power then Dip Devices is undoubtedly the vape company for your patronage. The Lunar launch coincides with a new charitable partnership between Dip Devices and The National Diversity & Inclusion Cannabis Alliance (NDICA), a cannabis-focused social justice non-profit. 

Social justice and activism are central to their company’s mission, making it an easy choice for those gift-givers wishing to make their dollar count. Give the socially conscious cannabis consumer in your life the 4/20 gift of an amazing vape and the knowledge that your money went to support a good cause.

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