These 4 Must-Have Tools From Cloudious9 Will Take Your Home Grow to the Next Level

A cannabis plant photographed from above, growing in a purple pot.

Grow healthy, beautiful buds and put them to good use with the help of Cloudious9’s harvesting products

For home grow cannabis connoisseurs, growing and processing cannabis flower is a gratifying hobby. However, the work that goes into producing high-quality flower and cannabis products can challenge even the most passionate growers. 

Cloudious9 has developed a line of groundbreaking products to address the pain points of harvesting and processing flower. These tools offer solutions for hobbyist cultivators and craft growers alike and provide everything you need to harvest and process high-quality cannabis. 


1. Save Time and Effort with the TrimCraft9 

If you only buy one piece of equipment for your next cannabis harvest, it should be the TrimCraft9

The TrimCraft9 was designed with home growers, older gardeners and ease in mind.

Cloudious9’s electric cannabis trimmers allow you to prune and harvest your cannabis plants more efficiently than ever before, providing solutions to major pain points that have plagued cannabis cultivators for generations. 

The TrimCraft9 is, first and foremost, an electric plant trimmer. Equipped with a ten-foot cord and weighing in at just a few ounces, these trimmers are lightweight and ergonomic enough to maneuver around your grow room or garden but boast enough power to get the job done with a fraction of the effort. 

A responsive, pressure-sensitive trigger allows easy control over trimming action, eliminating the repetitive motion strain that often comes with trimming cannabis buds. Despite the power, the TrimCraft is still quiet and exceptionally safe for you and your plants; it’s calibrated to easily cut through light plant matter, paper, and cloth but will automatically shut off if it detects thicker plant matter, plastic, or other hard materials. 

TrimCraft9’s dynamic trimming options allow you to cut continuously or snip precisely, depending on your needs. The TrimCraft9 also includes a high-lumen LED work light to see what you’re doing without juggling a separate light. 

Sticky, dirty trimmer blades are a thing of the past with the TrimCraft9, too. The blades feature a food-safe coating to ensure that sticky trichomes, resin, sap, and other plant byproducts don’t build up on the blades, attracting dirt and making them difficult to operate. 

Between uses, the TrimCraft9’s blades are removable and interchangeable for adaptability to any job and easy cleaning. The basic kit includes straight and curved blades for whatever angle you need. 

The TrimCraft9 retails at $149.99, and you can purchase it through Amazon or Cloudious9’s site.


2. Make Processing Flower into Hash a Breeze with the Vortex9

After you have harvested and trimmed your flower to perfection using the TrimCraft9, it can be helpful to have tools that allow you to easily process flower into other cannabis products.

The Vortex9 cold water hash extraction kit will elevate your craft cannabis concentration game.

The Vortex9 simplifies the cold water extraction process. This all-in-one kit will allow you to increase your yield and produce higher-purity hash, and the patent-pending design makes it easy to use each component without risk of damage. 

Unlock your flower’s potential and produce a better extract with less effort using the Vortex9 as part of your next harvest. The Vortex9 retails for $49.99, and you can purchase it from Cloudious9’s site


3. Experiment With New Techniques With the Decarb9

Part of the fun of growing cannabis is experimenting with new cultivars, techniques, and processes. The Decarb9 from Cloudious9 opens the door to countless exciting cannabis products to try next time you harvest. 

The Decarb9 makes turning your home grows into edibles easy and enjoyable, with no guesswork required.

The Decarb9 is an all-in-one kit that lets you decarboxylate cannabis and infuse ingredients for edibles with ease. Cloudious9’s food-grade, dishwasher-safe, nonstick, and microwaveable silicone box is easy to clean and care for. This decarb kit includes a precise electric thermometer and timer alarm to ensure the perfect decarb and infusion every single time — no guesswork required. 

An enclosed decarb and infusion box also eliminates odors and makes the entire edible-making process odorless, convenient, and discrete. 

The Decarb9 sells for $39.99, and you can purchase it from Cloudious9’s website


4. Protect and Perfect Your Flower in Storage With Two-Way Humidity Packs

Proper storage is essential when preparing large amounts of flower. Two-way humidity packs will keep your flower as fresh and flavorful as when you trimmed it with your TrimCraft clippers.  

Keep your buds gloriously green with Cloudious9’s perfect humidity control packs.

Cloudious9’s humidity packs help maintain your flower’s freshness when stored in opaque, airtight containers. Maintaining the proper humidity level preserves the flavor of flower, helps it retain potency and aroma, and prevents over-drying or mold growth. 

Cloudious9 humidity packs can also improve the curing process, helping to minimize the need for expensive equipment. 

Each two-way humidity pack from Cloudious9 is individually sealed and made with a non-toxic, organic, plant-based, and food-safe formula to keep you and your flower safe. The packaging is biodegradable and sustainable, minimizing your homegrow’s impact on the planet. 

Cloudious9 two-way humidity packs come in 12 packs and are available on their website for $10.00. 


Cloudious9’s Harvesting Collection Empowers Home and Craft Growers

Whether you are a home grower experimenting with a few plants in your spare time or run a craft growing operation to supply discerning cannabis consumers with artisanal flower, Cloudious9 has harvesting solutions to take your growing setup to the next level. The TrimCraft9, in particular, is a must-have in any cannabis cultivator’s toolbox. Make your next harvest your highest-quality one yet with Cloudious9’s harvesting tools

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