The Rundown on Marijuana Blunt Wraps and Rolling Papers

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How do you like to smoke weed? Many cannabis consumers are reaching for blunt wraps when smoking. When did cannabis culture embrace blunt wraps?

It all started with hip hop. Rappers smoked marijuana blunts and penned lyrics expressing love for wraps. The hip-hop community introduced blunts to cannabis consumers, and the use of wraps went mainstream.

There is more to learn about blunts wraps. Keep reading to understand the history of blunt wraps and the products on the market. We will also discuss how to source and smoke cannabis wrapped in blunts and rolling papers.


The History of Weed Blunt Wraps and Hip-Hop Culture

“Try to front, perpetrating a stunt; When you know that I’ll smoke you up like a blunt.”

              – Big Daddy Kane, rapping on “Raw” about blunt wraps


East coast rappers popularized cannabis blunt wraps in the late 1980s. Tupac Shakur introduced fellow hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg to blunt wraps on the night the two met. The rap titans shared a blunt, and the wraps hooked Snoop Dogg. Snoop would also write rap love letters to the plant-based product, and the cannabis connoisseur would eventually hire a full-time employee to roll his blunts.

Hip-hop songs rapping the praises of blunt wraps influenced cannabis culture. Marijuana smokers embraced blunt wraps throughout the ’90s, and their popularity skyrocketed in the United States. Blunt wraps have become a prevalent form of cannabis consumption: a 2015 study revealed that 1 out of 5 smokers consumed cannabis with blunt wraps.


A Bevy of Blunt Wraps and Rolling Papers Await Cannabis Smokers

There was only one type of blunt wrap on the market when rappers started smoking them. Blunt wrap smokers slice lengthwise across a cigar with a sharp object and dispose of the tobacco inside. The cigar casing is rolled and sealed around ground cannabis.

Currently, cannabis consumers have access to blunt wraps without tobacco content. You can smoke blunts without the mess of breaking into a cigar and discarding the tobacco contents. Many weed smokers still prefer to roll blunts with old-school wraps. 

Bloody Good Vapes offers Dutch Masters cigars and cigarillos to old-school smokers. Keep reading to understand the different types of blunt wraps on the market.


The Difference Between Marijuana Blunt Wraps and Rolling Papers

Cannabis consumers can find a wide variety of blunts not wrapped in tobacco. Pulp-based blunt wraps are manufactured similarly to rolling papers produced with wood pulp. Blunt wraps are composed of materials thicker than rolling papers that provide a slower burn while smoking. 

Plant-based blunt wraps are also mixed with flavor additives to provide sweetness to your smoking experience.


Source: Leaf Science

Rolling Marijuana Blunts in Whole-Leaf Tobacco, Hemp, and Palm Leaves

Blunt wrap fans also roll cannabis in cured whole-leaf tobacco, hemp, and palm leaves. These blunt wraps are popular with smokers seeking natural, plant-based blunt wraps. Smokers also appreciate the nicotine content contained in whole-leaf tobacco blunt wraps.

Whole-leaf wraps are the perfect product for smokers searching for quality tobacco, hemp, or palm leaves to roll in a blunt. Bloody Good Vapes sells hemp blunt wraps manufactured by High Hemp. We also sell all-natural palm leaf blunt wraps produced by King Palms.


“Rolling” Cannabis Blunts with Cone Papers

New cannabis smokers may have difficulty rolling cannabis in blunt wraps if they have never used paper-based joints. Pre-rolled cones are an innovative product that allows smokers to easily “roll” and consume cannabis in a blunt. Pre-rolled blunt cones provide quick cannabis consumption.  

Bloody Good Vapes sells RAW Pressed Bud Wraps Prerolled Flower Cones. The cones contain all-natural ingredients.


How Do You Roll a Weed Blunt?

You roll cannabis blunts as you roll it with papers; however, the additional surface area and increased cannabis content can challenge new smokers with limited rolling experience. We recommend new cannabis smokers practice with inexpensive papers before rolling a blunt


Here is how to roll a blunt:

  1. Grind cannabis in your herb grinder.
  2. Place your preferred amount of cannabis into the middle of the blunt wrap and bring the wrap tips together.
  3. Pinch the cannabis in the wrap and twist the herb until it becomes tightly packed in the middle of the wrap.
  4. Tightly tuck one end of the blunt wrap around the cannabis and evenly roll it around the packed cannabis.
  5. Seal the exposed end of the blunt wrap with moisture.

Are you ready to spark this blunt?


Where Do You Buy Marijuana Blunt Wraps and Rolling Papers?

Bloody Good Vapes sells top-quality cannabis smoking accessories. Visit our stores to purchase a wide variety of blunt wraps, rolling papers, hookahs, dry herb vapes, smoking pipes and water pipes.

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